• What Clients Say

    "Her holistic approach and skills helped me uncover, understand and sort out the various areas of my life that were impacting each other - personal, business, relationships. With her expertise and compassion, she helped me see new insights and to continue my personal growth both of which helped me make some decisions that impacted the various areas of my life. I am truly grateful for her assistance and the impact she has had on my life." Lori


    "My goals included getting past my own fears and inertia to move forward with my business. Sharon helped me recognize the ways I was holding myself back and guided me in overcoming my own barriers." Lisa

  • What I Do

    I work with visionary leaders.

    I will help you realise the vision you currently don't think is possible.


    Just like Kyle, who dreams of growing his $7 million business to $500 million. Even though that sounds crazy and he has no idea how he'll get there.

    He can't let it go.


    Or Jen, who is ready to move from a steady position as a Director in a solid business to an executive position with a more risky start up.

    Even though people tell her she's crazy.

    It ignites her.


    I help you achieve those dreams.


    Who I Serve

    I work with people who are heart-centred and passionate about what they do.


    They have a strong vision for what they want to achieve.


    They are committed and willing to do the work needed to achieve that vision.


    I guide and support these leaders and their teams.


    How I Work

    Your unconscious thoughts, the feelings you can’t feel and beliefs you aren’t aware of, drive your business results.


    I help you uncover what's hidden, connect with and bring forward what will help you go where you want to go next and let go of and resolve what is holding you back.


    Because every person, every team and every business is unique, the specific approach is customised to you, your needs and your vision of success.


    We meet twice a month for half a day and you have unlimited email, text and telephone support between meetings.


    I work online and in person, depending on your location and needs.




  • The Mechanics of FLOW2

    Resources to grow your business from the inside out.

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    You see things differently. You are passionate, purpose-driven and heart-centred. You have a huge vision. You want and need to grow but all of the resources you've found so far are just too cookie cutter. We get it!


    We see things differently too and for over 20 years we have helped founders, owners, leaders and the coaches who support them achieve their dreams, their way and on their terms. Now you can use the resources our clients use to help you tap into the heart of who you are, why you're so passionate about your work and create a clear vision of your biggest dream. Set your trajectory for success from the inside out. Align your team. Develop the personal, internal capacity you need to grow and expand so your business can grow and expand. Work independently, join a group or work with a FLOW2 coach.


    In 2001 Sharon co-founded Light-Core, a business consulting boutique. For more than 2 decades we have been helping business leaders and their teams achieve their biggest visions and wildest dreams.


    Levering the tools, resources and methodology created by Light-Core, the Mechanics of FLOW2 is a collaboration between Sharon and her good friend, Trish Tonaj. A successful entrepreneur, an experienced business coach and beautiful artist, Trish and Sharon combined their shared passion and complementary skillset to create online resources that can be used by individual entrepreneurs and the coaches and consultants that support them.



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    About Sharon

    My passion and one of my greatest joys, is helping my clients see who they authentically are, learn how to create their own unique road map and live that fully in the world. I absolutely love working with purpose-led, heart-centred people, whose dreams are so big they disrupt the status quo and change the world.



    My work sits at the intersection of business management, change & transformation and personal energy management. I have a Bachelor of Education, I’ve done graduate work in entrepreneurship, complexity and adult education, as well as lifelong learning in the personal development and energy fields.


    I believe that business is the biggest lever we have for creating meaningful and lasting change in the world, which is why I work with forward thinking business leaders. I am passionate about this work, mostly because of the impact I have experienced on my own life’s journey.


    Before co-founding Light-Core, a holistic business consulting boutique, I taught environmental/earth education, leadership and was a classroom teacher. I also had a shiatsu practice and was a working singer/songwriter.


    I love living in the country, riding horses, good food, great wine and warm hugs.

  • The Hero's Journey

    The Art of Living Life on Purpose

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